Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I missed my calling as a singer in a hair band

Sooooo, yesterday was an interesting day for me, aside from Henry's tonsiladenoidectomy.

In the surgery center I sat watching television while Henry was having Astronaut Dreams.

The news station that was on aired part of a 1976 commercial warning people about the swine flu. Obviously this is the second time there has been a scare. I glanced up from my book long enough to watch it and then re-emmersed myself into Edward and Bella.

Well, on the way home I was listening to one of my favorite stations, a country station, when they played part of a 1976 commercial that went something like this:

"Mary received it from her grandchildren while visiting them in Texas. She then gave it to Michael whom she met on the plane who then gave it to his girlfriend waiting in California who then gave it to 3 more people, etc. etc. etc."

They then announced you could win concert tickets if you knew what they were advertising.

I quickly dialed the number thinking I would never get through. Well it rang for a few moments and then I heard:

"KMPS with Ichabod and the waking crew, what was this 1976 commercial an advertisement for?"

I very excitedly answered "The Swine Flu!!!"

"Yes!!" they answered. "You have won a pair of tickets to go see Bret Michaels at the Emerald Queen Casino!"

My giddiness over winning kept me from saying what I really thought of this, so I just said "thank you!"

"Just make sure you don't get on the tour bus!" Ha ha ha, they said.

"I'll make sure to avoid it" I answered. Click. Music Playing.

Then some nice lady came on and got my info. I never thought to ask her why in the world a country station would be giving away Bret Michael's tickets.

Not sure who he is?

Remember the 80's band Poison? Well he was their lead singer.

Jealous you can't go with me?


  1. That is so awesome!! Who doesn't love Brett Micheals?? I am jealous. I totally had a poster of him on my wall growing up. 80s rock is the best!!! Have a great time.

  2. If you are going to go to his concert, you need to do it right. You know.....big hair.....80's outfit and don't forget the head banging. Aaaahhh....good times.

  3. If Jeff is not Him for Halloween this year, I'm going to be ticked. AAANNND, you still owe me some concert fun after Pearl Jam cancelled on us! I get first dibs as your date! ps, expect a call on Friday, I'm going to dinner with Tiff and Matt's wife, Jenn, Thurdsday night.

  4. oooooh....brett michaels. totally hot. good music back then. skinny jeans are back in now, so all you have to do is foof up your hair a bit, layer on some blue eyeliner and some madonna bracelets and you're there! Have fun! Don't throw out your back banging your head, now.

  5. okay...not only do I not remember the swine flu in 1976 ( It was not on the TV in the bar I was in I guess but I do remember being in a test group for a new flu vacine then..hhhmm) but I DO NOT know who this Bret guy is..Oh my I am old and need another glass of wine I guess

  6. Oh that is too random. You were definitely meant to be at that concert for some reason. Maybe you can seduce, but then actually convert Brett Micheals to Mormonism. He'd fit right in if he went to Relief Society, right?

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! This is HILARIOUS!!!!!! I went to see Poison and Ratt (I absolutly LOVE Ratt...that's why I went) 2 summers ago! It was really fun...but THE BEST part is the other people that are there too!!!! You will see the BEST mullets EVER!!!! And I hate to say it but you will see boobs...not just the women in the audience re-living their teen years but there will be ALOT of boobs on the big screen behind him, and that screen is be warned and prepaired!!!! Rock on sista!!!!

  8. That is so tight! Will you have him sign a t-shirt for me. Glad Henry is feeling better too. We had jello tonight and I thought of him.

  9. Ha ha You deleted my last comments???? Lol!!!!!!!!


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