Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas is over:(

How was your Christmas break?

Ours was good. Uneventful. Full of sleeping, eating and movie watching. 

The kid went back yesterday and I am once again, alone. *sob*

Okaay. Not really. Jeff works from home 3 days a week. But he is really quiet! I like a little noise in my life. 

Oh, and Anne Marie is home with the stomach flu. Did I say alone? Not alone really, as much as bored without all of them home with me. Y'all know, I've never been one to wish them back at school. Ever. 

So here is our break in a few pictures. They are all from my phone because our good camera is broken. And since I am  broke ;) I don't know when it will be fixed. 

We slept a lot. I know she is five. But since she is also my baby, she will be cute sleeping forever. FOREVER!

We went to a church party and every got to sit on Santa's lap.

And no, I did NOT make the older kids sit with Santa. Why do you ask?

I got to go to the Christmas program for the Damman school.

Nora's class. Yes that is all of them.

Henry's class. Also all of them.

And Anne Marie's class. No one was sick that day. 

We love their little school. They have made some friends and we love the way it feels like a family.

They were going to the largest elementary school in Washington state. So it's been a change. But a really good one. Life feels so much more relaxed for us.

And that is always a good thing. Now I'm off to prepare for Jeff's birthday. He is 39. Finally as old as me;)
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