Tuesday, June 25, 2013

In Progress

I am pretty in love with where we live. But that doesn't solve the constant problem I have of being mentally deranged until everything is in it's place and decorated the way I want.

That said, this is a different house. And I am trying to work in our stuff in a a new space. A smaller space. So far it's going pretty well. But I know me, and so for now I am forcing myself to live with things the way I currently have it. Just until the right ideas kick in.

I am moderately talented at decorating. I know that. I'm not too shabby, but I am not amazing either.

The not amazing part is what annoys the crud out of me. Not entirely my fault since I usually have a budget of about 20 bucks. But I am learning that sometimes good enough =  perfect. And yet it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. I am trying to remember this as my frustration levels rise when things don't look right to me or don't fit the way I want them to. (Sectional anyone? This is our first one and it doesn't exactly work anywhere you put it, you know?)

We are still unpacking. There are still boxes in some rooms and many things that haven't found their permanent home yet.

But this house is feeling like our home already and I am so grateful for that.

And my boy is growing up. He has been such a help to me here with the yard. As long as we're working side by side he enjoys working. And the riding lawn mower? Pretty much heaven for any boy. Heck, I like driving the thing.

Thanks for going on this journey with us. It's been pretty amazing so far.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


The hardest part about leaving Maple Valley was not our house or the weather;)

It was our friends. Every single one of us left behind people that we love and cherish.

Every single day my 4 younger kids would ask if they could play with someone. The names Jane, Gavin, Eli, Macy,Kendra, Jenna, Reagan, Mia, Eli, Miles, Nathan, Brendan, Victoria and Connor were spoken almost daily in my house.

Kate and Julia left friends they love as well. Friends that have had tears shed over since we have been here.

But something has occurred that I knew would happen.

Right now my children are each other's only friends.

Our "neighborhood" has 7 houses in it. Each on 3 acres. There are 2 other kids under 10 here.

And we don't know anyone well enough besides our cousins to ask for play dates.

So every day, my kids play together. They make up games, they play tag, run around, use their imaginations and when they are tired, fight over the use of the computer, tablet and my phone.

Is it weird that I love it?  Is it weird that I'm cherishing this time before friends are made, when I have them all to myself?

Don't get me wrong, I love their friends. But there is something nice about not being begged daily to go play with someone. To just have them home with me, doing their own thing, interacting with each other, and growing closer  because of it.

I want them to have friends, I want them to be happy that way.

I just want their own siblings to be the best friends they will ever have. So far so good.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dreams do come true.

So folks, the yellow house fell through.

I am ok with it now, but at the moment I found out, I may have sobbed like a little girl for about half an hour. Or longer.

I was really mad, upset, fussy, disappointed and every other negative emotion you can feel.

Then I remembered the feeling of peace I have had every time I have prayed about moving to Ellensburg.

It took a few days, but I remembered that God has a perfect plan for my life and the life of my family.

And it's not a house that makes a home, it is a family.

But at the stage that the house fell through, we would have to rent for the time being if we wanted a place to live.

And yes we wanted a place to live.

As luck, fate, divine intervention would have it, the perfect rental awaited us. And after being here for 10 days, I am sooo grateful that the yellow house didn't work out. I love where we are. And we have a rent to own option if we decide we love this place. Which so far, we do.

I knew we made the right decision to move to Ellensburg. But it was confirmed when I was driving home and we passed this:

And Nora says, "Hey! Look at that big, brown wood thing!"

"That's a barn Nora." I replied.

"Oh! A baaarrnn!"

Yes, my baby was not aware of what that big, brown wood thing was called. But having now seen about 50 of those just driving around, she knows.

We have loved our first week here. On Saturday we went to the annual Dachsunds on parade. Yes folks, little weiner dogs all dressed up and paraded around. It was awesome.

We then went on a hike, went to the lake, mowed our giant field and discovered a fire pit.  All this was on the same day, by the way. Without having to drive 45 minutes to get anywhere, we had lots of time to do actual stuff.

Finally, the weather. The beautiful, glorious, non grey and cloudy weather. It did rain yesterday, but only for 30 minutes. Then the sun came back out.

This was the view this morning on my walk:

More big, brown, wood things in the distance. And the Stuart Mountain Range. And big fluffy clouds. And fields of hay.


I honestly can't remember the last time I felt this good. I have been working in the yard, putting the house together, spending time with my family, and feeling grateful every day for even the simplest of things like driving home. Because it is all so beautiful. There is no train just over the fence to wake us up, and I have a view of the big dipper every night from our front porch.

I'm not bragging. (As my kids would call any declaration of happiness)

I'm just so thankful that the dreams I have held in my little heart have come to fruition. And Seattle and the friends and family that it holds is only an hour and a half away. A day trip to see the ocean, or visit downtown, or see people I love.

And then I get to come home to watch the sun set from my front porch.


I am a happy girl indeed. I don't know yet why Heavenly Father has directed us here. But I am so thankful for everything we have experienced so far. And I can't wait to see what else is in store.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

WE ARE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

We have moved into a house and are loving it. Hang in there, pictures and story coming soon!
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