Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Skipping school

Last Friday Nora woke up and let me know, in no uncertain terms, that she did not want to go to school.

So I didn't make her.

Now you might think that I gave in too easily. But. Nora never wants to stay home. Never.
And for a little girl who never went to preschool and barely turned 5 before starting all day kindergarten, that is saying something.

So the two times she has asked to stay home, I have let her. She obviously knows when she needs a little break.

However, I had planned to go hiking so I told her she was welcome to come hiking with me, or go to school if hiking didn't sound fun.

She chose hiking.

But then I had a dilemma. How could I offer Nora this and not Henry and Anne Marie?

Well, they chose hiking too.

I was nervous because it is a 5 mile round trip. Anne Marie has done it but Henry and Nora have only hiked about 3 miles at once.

I told them ahead of time that if they complained at all, we would turn around and go back to school.

Well it is AMAZING how much better something is, especially when it is difficult, when you DON'T COMPLAIN. All of a sudden, when you focus on doing something instead of complaining about it, it becomes a much easier and more rewarding task.

And they didn't die. They talked and laughed. They had a great time. And most important, they made it.

They signed their sweet little names to the book at the top of Menastash ridge. And I was one proud mama.

The only downside. Henry did not want to go to school yesterday, or today for that matter. In fact he never wants to go. But now he says, "I will go hiking, or clean the house. But I am NOT going to school!"

He went.

I have to space out the skip days you see. But he doesn't have to hold out for long. 4 weeks left of school!


I am compiling a list of fun, mainly free activities that a mom and her kids can do together during the summer. And they are age range friendly. Meaning, it should be fun whether you are sixteen or 6.

Just no complaining.
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