Friday, March 24, 2017


 Charlie turned 15 this year. He has never been little. Always bigger than most everyone his age. But all of a sudden this year, he really seems like a teenager instead of a little kid. And we love him. He is awesome and larger than life.

And like most teenage boys, all he wants to do his eat. He is eating as I type this. He eats pretty much the whole time he is home. I can't even imagine the change in my food bill when he moves out. 

There has been a lot of growth for Charlie this year. He is maturing and recognizing what it requires to be a valiant son of God. Charlie is a powerful son of God who when he chooses, is a force for good. 

He is bright and intelligent and fun to be around. He is kind to his friends and accepting of everyone. He is a big goofball and when he wants, he is the best brother around.

Happy birthday big guy. We love you more than you love Doritos. 

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