Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Winter Camp

Julia and Anne Marie and I had a unique opportunity to go camping in the winter. Well, mostly Anne Marie. We got to spend the night in snow caves that the Young Women of our Stake dug themselves. Well, mostly Anne Marie.  As a leader I had the choice to sleep in a cabin on a mattress.  Which is what I chose.  Not because I'm afraid of the cold but because I'm afraid of snow caving in on me and extinguishing my life.  Julia and Jeff ( who came up with a bunch of other dads and leaders to help out) ended up sleeping in the back of Jeff's car. But 12 year old Anne Marie and her brave friend lasted the whole night. Amazing.

Some of the women leaders toughed it out in snow caves.  We really did try and make sure any young woman who wanted to had the opportunity to sleep in a snow structure.  If there were any left over, some brave women snuggled into the snow and were actually able to sleep.  Those of us in the cabin woke up to find every inch of floor space, and the chairs and furniture, covered with young women who became too cold and found their way to the warmth of the heated cabin.  It was a super fun activity and once again these girls learned they can do hard things and that some of their leaders aren't as tough;)  But the 70 pound little girl was the winner of the weekend.  She toughed it out and had a great time too. Love my girls and I am so grateful so spend time with them. Even if it's in the bitter,snowy cold. 
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