Thursday, October 2, 2014

Julia does not suffer fools. And aren't we glad?

My girl Julia. She amazes me on a regular basis. Her talents, insights, and capability never ceases to astound me. 

She turned 15 in August. In the 15 years she has graced this earth, she has brought nothing but joy to her dad and I. 

From the moment she could talk, Julia has always said exactly what she thought. She has always spoken the truth.

When she was younger, we didn't always know what to make of it since Jeff and I do not always speak our thoughts. But as she has grown up we have viewed this aspect of her personality for what it is, a gift. 

When she was 3, she told a random stranger at gymnastics that she shouldn't drink coffee, because it's bad for you. I wish I could have had a snap shot of this woman's face. She was not pleased at all to hear this from a little 3 year old. But her response, "I can drink it if I want," did not phase Julia one bit. She just kind of shrugged her shoulders as if to say, "It's your body. But you're wrong.". 

It is also impossible for Julia to keep her true feelings from showing on her face. Even when propriety dictates that certain things should not be said, you can just look at Julia's face and know exactly what she is thinking. As her English teacher told us, "I think the best way to describe Julia is that she does not suffer fools."

It is so true. And I LOVE it about her. There is something so freeing for the rest of us when we have that one person in our lives who does not pretend that something isn't stupid. So while the rest of us are trying to be diplomatic, we can count on Julia to say how it really is. 

Her own personal journey will be to figure out when to use that gift. 

For her birthday this year, we played it a little more low key compared to last year.  But there is no way to match last year. That was epic. This year she just wanted a family party and brownies for dessert. Done and done.

This year Julia just wanted art supplies and awesome head phones so that she could listen to music while she draws, or writes. She wrote a book. Yes she did. The first rough draft is done. I honestly believe it will be published some day. Yes, it's that good. 

Julia also has a personal style that I love so much. All 4 of my girls dress very different from each other. So for me, it's like having 4 different dolls to dress up. They pick out their own clothes and put their own outfits together, but I still feel like I am part of it. 

I also cut Julia's hair. Because we are awesome like that. Her for wanting this style. Me for cutting it:)

We are getting our  camera fixed. Yay! No more blurry pictures hopefully:)

Things that are amazing about Julia:

1. She finished her first book at the age of 15. Yeah, I know. It's awesome.
2. She owns her personal style. I can honestly say there is no one in Ellensburg like her.
3. Her confidence is beautiful to behold. She doesn't care if you're a kid, an adult or the President of such and such. She sees no difference between you and her. Unless you're a fool. Then, well, good luck:)
4. Her singing voice gives me chills. If the music industry wasn't such a horrid place, we might have seriously considered that direction for her. But thankfully, she can claim it as a talent while pursuing other interests that help her maintain her happy, wholesome self.
5. Her ideas of right and wrong are pretty black and white. That's just how she sees the world. But it means that she is rarely conflicted about what the right thing to do is. Lucky.
6. She will help me with ANYTHING. Seriously. "Julia will you make dinner tonight?" "Julia, will you make a pie?" "Julia, will you clean the kid bathroom?" "Julia, will you mow the lawn, water the garden and do whatever else I can think of?" Of course Mom. Because I'm awesome.
7. She is perfectly content with the fact that Kate is her best friend in the whole world. I completely understand this since my sister is my best friend. It makes the world such a friendly place when you have someone that has your back no matter what.
8. She loves to be challenged. While many of us enjoy taking it easy from time to time, Julia is more energized by goals that require time, commitment and strength of will. I think she would rather die trying than give up.
9. She is not obsessed with boys. She likes them. She has dreams of a happy marriage to one someday, but she is not easily twitter patted and is pretty ready to dissect a young man's character flaws. She has Jeff as her example of a father and husband. And it does not get any better than Jeff. So whoever she ends up loving, I hope he is working hard right now to be worthy of her someday.
10. Finally, there are two things that Julia will defend to the death if necessary. Her family and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is not overly sentimental, but she does feel things very deeply. And her love for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and for her parents and siblings (even when we annoy her) will come first. It makes me very happy to have faith in that. To know that Julia has decided already what is important to her.

Julia is a prime example of how adults should not underestimate teenagers. Just because she is "only" 15 does not mean that she doesn't know who she is, what she wants, and what is important. Is she a typical teenager in some ways? Of course. For one she knows everything;) But I trust her ability to make good decisions. I trust her to do the right thing. And I glow with pride and thanksgiving that she is my daughter.

So to Julia, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. Whatever you choose, you will be brilliant. We love you darling girl!
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