Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Henry is a smart, talented little guy.

He can do many things well and he is entertaining on a number of levels.

Some things however, are taking a little longer.

His speech for instance is straggling behind.

We have worked very hard to interpret what he is saying.

Here are a few things we have figured out.

Hoo hoo: horse

Dat hi-ya: sword

Lao: water

Be-bo: blanket

Did any of your kids have particularly strange words for things? Please tell me my son is not the only one.


  1. Your son is so cute! How old is he? Is this something new that he has started? Is he your only one?

  2. Emily used to say cong for color and wong for water. Whenever we left her with a babysitter we made sure they knew to ask Megan to interpret. Henry's awesome. I love how he talks.

  3. Every child learns at their own pace. I am sure when he is ready he will correct himself. For now be thankful you figured out what they mean! LOL

  4. In our house, we are always a bit sad when a child 'figures out' how to say something correctly. (no wonder I would have not made a good speech pathologist!) They ALL had their own made-up language for things...

  5. Remember when Bryce told you he wanted Turk? And you had no idea what that was....but alas he showed you!!!! Granola bar....hmmmm

  6. Addy says a blanket is a "nonnie". so no, your son is not the only one.


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