Monday, April 6, 2009

Jeff's Surprise

So I was unable to take any before pictures of the office, simply because Jeff had the camera with him in Utah. But I did find a random picture that at least gives you a little hint at the starkness and all together blah-ness of the office.

But to paint more of a mental picture for you, the office was mostly a dumping ground for things that had no other home. Extra desk, extra bookshelves. It also became a place where no one, myself included, really made an effort to keep it organized. It was too full of non-essential office stuff.

There were no pictures on the Diverse Beige walls, no true organization, no spark to the room.

And being that every other room in the house is more or less mine, I decided that my Jeffy, my husband and best friend, he who brings home the bacon, he who does so much for us, deserved his own room.

And for my husband, nothing could be better than a room inspired by the other great love of his life, classic cars.

When we lived in Rhode Island, Jeff owned a 1957 Plymouth Savoy. Color was silver with blue flames. It. was. AWESOME.

Alas, we had to sell Buddy, our fashion car (that's what the kids called it) so that we could have money to move across the country to go back to school.

But the memories are fond. So with blown up pictures of Buddy, bumpers and one tail light from a 1957 Plymouth, I set out to create something astounding.

And with the help of my brother Keno and his lovely wife Amy, the room was transformed.

Hanging of bumpers courtesy of Keno Granger

Flames courtesy of Amy Granger. Mad Craigslist skills that found that tail light, courtesy of Don Allen.
Our old desk painted silver
A map of Brazil and a cross stitch of Jeff's mission (courtesy of Bonnie Granger)

And I still have a little corner to myself for any future scrapbooking efforts.

It's really even better in person. But my camera is pretty low tech.

Anyway, this effort involved a lot of late nights, but the look on Jeff's face when he got home was worth every bit of it. Shock, awe, thrilled, ecstatic, all describe his reaction.

I love you Jeff.


  1. This might be my favorite post. I love it!! We were just talking about the ol' office and all of it's dumping ground glory. You really are an awesome wife. Wanna get married? We had such a great time with Jeff. I'm usually too busy talking to you to really chit chat with he and Peter. But we had an 'almost' really great time. Only thing to make it totally great? You. Love you. You better load up that gynormo van of yours and come and see us! Soon!

  2. Wow!! Amy!! This is AWESOME! YOU are AWESOME! You are an awesome wife... you put the rest of us to shame, but not before you totally inspire us! The room looks great!! I truly hope Jeff writes about the rest of us can hang on his every word about receiving such a gift!!

  3. When Amy told me she had a surprise for me, I immediately went to work in my mind of what it could be. Nothing I like better than ruining a surprise! I thought of a few things. Maybe the garage, maybe something in our room. maybe she'll paint the office.

    The office, of course that's what it will be. I had it pegged. then I figured she'd paint it and maybe organize the books--she's got an uncanny knack for making any kind, size, type of books look good on a bookshelf. I didn't realize that was a talent until I put my own books on the shelf (looked awful). So when I got home, the office door was closed, the blinds were shut.

    I opened the door and the sight took my breath away. It is my favorite blue color throughout the office. I looked up and saw the front bumper from the '57 plymouth hanging from the ceiling like in a museum. The chrome was gleaming as the light reflected in many directions. Beneath were the beautifully framed pictures of my car that I miss dearly. (BTW, 'fashion is short for "old fashioned"). I couldn't take it all in. every where I looked there was more to the office. This was no mere paint job. This was an Extreme Make Over - Jeff's office edition. Or better, yet. "Pimp my office" cuz it was all hot-rodded out. with chrome desk, flames on the wall, shiny bumpers, a '57 tail light, and my mission maps! And the books on the bookshelf are arranged perfectly by height from shortest at the top to tallest at the bottom. I keep expecting to find the door knobs shaved, the garbage can frenched, and the office chair to be bouncing with hydraulics.

    My wonderful wife is Awesome!!! I love her so much. What a generous, and thoughtful surprise! Thank you, Amy! You truly are my match made in Heaven!

  4. OH, Thank You, Jeff! You made my day! ;-)

    by the word verification was...regis. That guy is everywhere!!

  5. That's awesome!!!! I love the room and I love that it was done out of love for your husband! Fabulous post!

  6. NIIIIICE. Ben's in Utah this week and his surprise is going to be coming home to a sane wife with a "clean" kitchen (crumby counters, a few dishes in the sink, but a dishwasher full of clean dishes). So way to go, I hope to create an awesome office with stuff hanging from the ceiling someday!


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