Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's more than sand in your shorts

Our family loves the beach. I mean, really, we LOVE the beach.

We go in the winter, we go in the summer, spring and fall.

If there is a beach in reasonable driving distance, we are there.

So when this past week we had some pretty nice weather, I packed the kids up and headed to what would be considered a beach in Washington state.

It was Nora's first experience with sand.

At first we kept her in the front pack.

I didn't want her to get dirty. Silly as a mom of 6, I know. But I like her all sweet smelling and baby fresh. Can you blame me?

Pretty soon though, her incessant crying and staring at the sandy beach caused me to set the poor child free.

But I knew that soon, just running her fingers through the sand would not suffice. That eventually her overwhelming desire to TASTE the sand (as well as any random stick or piece of garbage) would win out.

Can you hear her little mind going?
"Ahhhhh, yummy."

And just cuz I know you want to know, were you aware that if you allow your baby to eat sand, that the sand will not digest, but come out exactly as it went in?

Just something to think about.

Of course, everyone else enjoyed the day as well. Albeit, WITHOUT having to eat any sand.

And just so you know, I did not save this picture of Henry for last even though he is the cutest 2 year old ever to walk the planet, this is the just the order they uploaded in.
He is not my favorite.
You can't prove it.
I refuse to acknowledge such a thought on the basis that my obvious soft spot for my children as two year old's would cause other's to assume that the child who is currently two is my favorite child.
Which Henry is not.
Like I said, you can't prove anything.

Just enjoy the picture of my not favorite child.
(Isn't he soooo cute?)



Tomorrow I will unveil Henry and Nora's newly painted and decorated bedroom.

Can't wait? Me neither.

Seriously, the end.


  1. Yes, yes...your kids are cute and all ;-), but I'm fascinated with the fact that you are wearing bathing suits in Washington State in the month of April. We have not even broken 60 here in RI...and aren't you a wee bit further north than we are? Closer to ALASKA, even?? What is up with that? I am jealous of your warm weather!! OK, back to your cute kids...I could tell that Nora is following suit as a beach lover! The huge smiles on her face give her away! Glad you had fun!

  2. The ocean and the beach no matter where you are will bring your being in center with the universe. Our bodies are 3% salt and the ocean is also 3%.... ..hhhhmmm I love these pictures....and Nora knows a good thing...SAND between your fingers and toes!

  3. This is Megan.

    That is so cute!!!! What beach did you go to?

  4. Ahh~who doesn't love the beach? Wish I lived by one. Wish I could visit one soon...

  5. This is Emily.

    Nora is so cute!

  6. They are all so cute!

    Especially Nora and Henry!

    That picture of him is just funny for no apparent reason!


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