Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scenes from the belly

For Family Home Evening on Monday, Jeff took the kids and I on a trail in Maple Valley.

This trail has several tunnels where the path goes beneath the road.

One of these tunnels would help him with the perfect object lesson.

As we walked down the trail, I wondered what it would look like if I hung the camera around my neck and took pictures without looking from that point of view. Somewhere around my belly.

The reviews were mixed.

Henry was just mad we were walking and not at a park.

Nora of course, was just happy to be out of her carseat.

All of the other children fell in line, so to speak, without MUCH fussing.

It seems walking is hard, or something, and not nearly as fun as the park.Bah.

Kate tried so hard to be nonchalant as I snapped pictures left and right.

She looks pretty nonchalant, don't you think?

And what would any family outing be without Charlie attempting to break something?

I just love this picture. The blur, the dust around her feet, the little blonde hair and trailing behind her siblings. It's gold I tell you, gold!

So here we arrived at our destination. Armed with a flashlight and some woodblocks, we learned about faith, and building a strong foundation around the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Everyone listened with rapt attention.

At least they did once I yelled at a few of them to be quiet and listen.

It's amazing how a tunnel amplifies your voice.

And I'm not sure why Kate's shoes is off, but I'm pretty sure Charlie had something to do with it.

That look on his face tells the whole story.

Don'tcha think?

On the way out we visited a little maze that a local church put together.

The idea is to take your time walking through it, reflecting and pondering life, and then contemplating quietly on the benches when you are done.

It was more like a race for us.

Not so much contemplating and pondering.

But in the end we all finished. We all made it. Some faster than others, some more reflective. Some louder than others, some more quietly. Wait. No one was quiet.

Oh yeah, that was my wishful thinking.

So mainly the maze was wishful thinking for me, and chaos for everyone else.

But I'm pretty sure that's how life's meant to be.
You know?

And then we headed back to the house for cake.

Cuz cake makes everything feel like a success.

Everything I say!

Always end any event with cake, and people will love and adore you for years to come.

That's my entertaining tip for the day.

You never knew you could get so much out of one blog before, now did ya?

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