Monday, September 13, 2010

Scenes from a lazy Sunday afternoon

On a Sunday afternoon, you will find the kids doing a variety of things.
Julia, of course, is usually reading.
That girl and a good book, inseparable.
The younger 4 found their way into my bed, watching a movie and reading a book.
I think that's my old journal from high school.
Where did they find that?
Uh. How embarrassing.

Nora seems to be commentating through that look, about my repeated obsessing over boys.
Please don't inherit my repeated obsessing over boys.
Please oh please?
And please don't read my journal.
I don't want you to know how silly I was.
I want you to always remember me as the totally serious, completely
un-obsessive person I am now.
Oh wait.

And Kate was here. She just happened to be the photographer today.
And every photographer worth her salt takes a self portrait.
I'm just saying.
Jeff and I attended a cub committee meeting together. Since we're both in cub scouts.
It was kind of like a date.
A date where you don't do anything except attend a meeting in a classroom at church.
And where there are 6 other people on your date with you.
So I guess it was really just a meeting and not a date at all.
And then I made bread at 10 o'clock.
And while attending meetings and making bread late in the evening are great and all,
I would have rather been here.

Snuggled in that space between Anne Marie, doing whatever it is she's doing, and Henry, who looks like he needs his mama to snuggle up against.

I guess there's always next Sunday. Right?

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  1. I've known no other children who look SO much like both their parents, but all in different ways. It's incredible, and they're all beautiful!

    Hope you enjoyed your Sunday.


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