Thursday, September 2, 2010

Date Night

When you have six children, date nights can be few and far between.
So you do your best to work it in.
Sometimes that means dinner and a movie.
Sometimes that means a walk around the lake.

And sometimes it means you get to leave the house under the pretences of "Kate, dad and I need to go get a new tea kettle."

So when you are able to get away, it's important not to take yourself too seriously and to enjoy the short amount of time you have.

Then you head off to a local hot spot.
Because, you know, you're usually PREtty cool, and must hit all the best places.

You get something really amazing to eat. get something that's really quick so that you can make it back in time for it to look like all you really did was hit Fred Meyer for a new tea kettle.

And finally, on your dream date with your spouse, you run the errand that was your whole reason for leaving the house in the first place.

We didn't end up even buying one of the fun colors, because those particular tea kettles were a weird bulbous shape. It's too bad, because I really wanted a yellow one.

But at least now I can make hot chocolate and oatmeal again with the silver, kind of old fashiony one we bought.
And when the date was over, we made it home in time to put everyone to bed and to act like we didn't really go on a date at all.

Welcome to life with six kids.

And as always, totally worth it. Having the six kids I mean. But going on a date for a tea kettle was worth it too.

I love you Jeff.


  1. That is hilarious! Don't you love having kids old enough to watch the others? We're just getting there and it's the best!

  2. That is too funny! Now I know where my parents went all the time they had to go get something:) I was the oldest too and hopefully Kate will get to the you should go out and do something fun mode!

  3. HA! you confess that you go on dates when you suppousedly going to the store to get somthing and take three hours to do somthing that should only take 45 minutes! you've been caught RED HANDED! :)


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