Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm too tired to think of a name for this post

This is what I wake up to when I decide I am too tired the night before to do my usual evening routine of dishes and general tidying up.
This is what I wake up to when I am so exhausted that I fall asleep in my clothes at 8:30.
This is what I wake up to when I was so busy the day before that I LITERALLY did not have any time to stay caught up with my dishes.
Too whiny for you?
But that is what you get when I wake up to that.
However,I hope YOU have a fabulous, sparkling kitchen weekend!
Instead of the kind of weekend where you end up spending all day Monday cleaning up after the weekend.
Or maybe that's a good kind of weekend?
I can't tell anymore. All the days are running together.
I knew there were more reasons than just missing my kids, why I was not excited for school to start.
It's bananas.
The best thing to wake up to? The dishes already done.
Especially when it is the hubs who did it.
That's what I'm listening to right now, (while I so cleverly draft this post the night before),
Jeff doing the dishes. (smooches to him)
Now THAT is how to start a weekend.
Have a good one y'all.
Peace out.
Check ya later.
You didn't know I was so street, did ya?
Oh wait, I'm a pale, Mormon mom of 6 kids.
I have no street in me.
Okey dokey then, have a pleasant weekend everyone.


  1. you're an honest woman. i love that picture.

  2. I would title that post BLAHHHHHHH or Who's busy?
    My mom got us a dishwasher from an estate sale about 4.5yrs ago and I'm so happy to have it, even if it's a pull out, attach to the sink, take up all the space in my itty bitty cabnitless kitchen and ruin my lovely floors whenever it's moved :) LOVE IT!!

    That pic is a crummy way to start the day but every now and again you don't have a choice, exhaustion takes over............

  3. the sound of jeff doing that is the sound of true love...i feel so happy and cherished when ryan does that for me (for all of us :).


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