Friday, September 3, 2010


Yesterday, my second born, my little Julia had sixth grade orientation.
And yes, if you're keeping track, I did this with Kate last year.

It felt different with Julia. Almost more surreal to have her leave elementary school and join the ranks of middle schoolers. Aren't they all supposed to stay my babies forever?

We arrived at the middle school early, as to ensure a parking spot. Parking is something of a joke no matter which school we attend, no matter which school district. There is just never enough parking. So you arrive 20 minutes early, just in case.

As we found our seats in the gym, and waited for orientation to begin, I marveled at the girl beside me. I wish I knew how to work my scanner so that I could show you pictures of this girl at 3. Cute, dimples, and the biggest scowls that would make us roll with laughter.

She's so grown up now. Aaaand, obviously used to having her picture taken.

We walked around and found her classes. Got some ice cream, talked to friends, paid all of the fees. All while she endured me asking her if she was nervous, telling her she would make great new friends-since most of her friends are on Dream Team, while she is on Team Extreme. (that's how they divide up the 6th grade, different teachers for each team even.) And telling her I couldn't believe she was in 6th grade already.

She looked so lovely, so grown up, and so sure of herself walking around finding the classes.

This is a rough time of year for me. In a good way. 5 of the 6 kids all have birthdays within 8 weeks of eachother, school starts. Everyone gets older and leaves me during the day all within a short period of time. So it's hard because I love them all so much, and I miss them being little, but I wouldn't miss watching them grow up either.

There are more joys to motherhood than any book could hold, any author could write.

Some heartache as well, messes to clean, lack of sleep or time for oneself.

But I am absolutely sure Heavenly Father knew that being a mother could be the biggest blessing of a woman's life. At least this woman's life. (Me, I'm talking about me)

And gratefully, it doesn't end. There is just more waiting around every corner for me. More happiness, more struggle, more reward, more kisses and hugs, more joy.

And more messes. Always.


  1. Maeve starts 6th grade too. Strange, I am not that old! For her orientation she got to clean the schoolroom. :)

  2. Wow 2 in middle school time does fly. I am glad you could have this experience with her.


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