Monday, September 20, 2010

Not for wusses

Jeff and my brother Keno ran their first half marathon on Saturday.
I got to be there as their photographer and cheering section.
I got to watch as they both ran across the finish line, exhausted, elated, and nauseous.
I then got to witness them both at Wendy's later, eat all the calories they just burned.

I'm super proud of both of them. It's no small thing to train for this. I know, cuz I started training for it. I paid my registration. And then half way through training I had a little problem with my IT Band that would cause a sudden seizing of my left knee.

But I was so glad to still be there. And yes I still wanted my t-shirt. Even though the lady at registration saw me not dressed in running clothes and asked me if I wussed out. (this half maration was on an army base, they don't hold with people wussing out I guess)

But I didn't wuss out on purpose, and Keno and Jeff for sure didn't wuss out.

Cuz there were no wusses allowed. It's true. And I'm sure there is a sign somewhere on base that says just that.


  1. Fantastic! My 40-year-old nephew ran his first 1/2 marathon on Sunday and is still feeling the burn of it. I'll stick to my 'low-mileage' races of 10 miles or less though. (Next up: a 10K on 10/10/10!)

    Have you thought about doing your own 1/2 marathon, or will you be sticking with the role of official photographer?

  2. Great Jeff! I am very proud of you! Dad said you still were on your running high when we saw you later that day! Charged and happy!

  3. Gotta love those positive, inspiring people that use "wuss" on a regular basis - always inspiring for me - I'm inspired to sock 'em one.

  4. Also, what was your training schedule like? I have a goal to run the 1/2 in Banff next year and need something concrete and doable to follow.


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