Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It's over.
Summer. It's gone.
They are back to school
I am not one to wait excitedly for school to start.
I am one to wait happily for school to be out so that my house is filled with noise and mess again.
And no, I'm not kidding.
I will miss them.
I will miss Charlie and Kate constantly laughing and teasing eachother.
I will miss finding Julia snuggled in some corner of the house, reading a book.
I will miss Anne Marie entertaining Henry and Nora, watching out for them, loving them.
I know they need to go.
I know they get a better education than if I homeschooled them.
Not because of homeschooling, but because I would goof off with them too much and they would never learn.
So my love and my joy headed out the door this morning.
Only 7 hours until they return.
And for tomorrow, our family theme for the year.
Aren't you excited?


  1. That is a great-looking group of young people! :-)

  2. My mom always had a hard time saying goodbye to us too. The summer sure did fly by didn't it?!


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