Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Piano study

We have two pianos in our house.

One is to learn how to play be-utiful music.
To learn notes, rythm, and proper posture.

The other is for pounding, smacking and making lots of noise.

Which one do you think Henry and Nora are allowed to touch?

If you said the big piano, well, that would be wrong obviously.

The little one is the trainer piano. Get your pounding out early, so that by 7 you can sit down and learn for real.

Isn't most of life like that?

It is for me. I still have to pound out the kinks, straighten out the wrinkles, and then eventually I can move on to the grownup stuff. Which isn't always better or more fun, just more grown up.

You know what I mean?

In what ways are you still learning? Please tell me you're still learning, too. I can't be the only one. Can I?


  1. Majorly still learning! Learning how to adequately juggle raising kids, keeping the hubby happy, while taking care of the house and the pets and still finding time for what I like to do!!! Not always an easy task and not one I always do so well.......

  2. A goal in life should be to learn something new each day. Once learned to show or teach. What did I learn yesterday and will now teach to you? You can not change or stop the wind. You can only reset your sails and continue on.

  3. nope, you are the only one. the rest of us are completely perfect. heck, i was born a concert pianist... NOT.

  4. You're so clever!

    Yes, life is indeed like that and I could certainly use a toy piano to bang on about now.

  5. I am still learning that I don't really control my life and its future. It's hard to accept at times, but the reality of that lesson is so evident some days.

    I'm also still learning to trust that God really does know what He's doing because sometimes I think He's applying the rules from the wrong game to my life!

    I'd like to learn to play the piano though!


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