Friday, August 27, 2010


Julia turned 11 yesterday. 11! My Bubba girl, my little bunny girl, is 11 years old and about to start middle school.

Seriously the aging has to stop around here. Before you know it they'll be grown up and move out and go to college and get married. NO! I say. NO!

Anyhoo, Julia had a fun party with some close friends and cousins.

She requested A.fettucine alfredo for dinner, salad and french bread. Done.
B.Carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting. 3 layers no doubt. Done.
C. That her little brothers and sisters not be allowed in the room
while she watched a movie with her friends, Kate and cousins. Done.
(although there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth by said younger

I was very proud of my daughter. When one of her friends saw the small (in her estimation) pile of presents she commented, "is that ALL of her presents?".

Julia didn't even flinch and loved every single gift. Especially the pocket knife she specifically asked for. She IS a Girl Scout now you know. She might need to whittle something. Anyone need anything whittled?

We also played a little game called Minute to Win It. Hilarious. Especially the participation of the adults. I will not post the pictures of some of the contortion that was required to pick up a paper bag off the ground with just your teeth, without touching anything body part besides your feet to the ground. Because, well, they're just a tad embarrassing.

But it was a grand old time with lots of belly laughs.

It was fun to watch Julia shine. To see her glow, to watch her cascade of hair fall over her shoulder and to see the innocence on her face. Completely unaware how beautiful she is and how precious. *sniff*

Sorry. Just indulging in a motherly moment.

So 10 things I love about Julia.

1. The girl has more ideas stored in her head at any given moment than most people do in a lifetime. Just ask her. She'll share.
2. She loves Ranch dressing. Obsessively. I love it about her. I don't know why.
3. She has a fiery side that can surprise you, but is usually well deserved. She only pulls it out if you've really crossed her. I like that. She is your friend as long as you don't make her an enemy. Meaning, she stands up for herself but will do anything for a friend all at the same time.
4. She loves to read. She can read about as fast as I can. And that's fast. No joke. She is always somewhere devouring a book.
5. She is very aware of the importance of modesty. She dresses herself in a becoming way without sacrificing her desire to be a modest daughter of God.
6. She has developed a love for clothes this year. It's this mother's dream.
7. She is so super duper good with Nora and Henry. She changes diapers, puts people down for naps, helps them get drinks and snacks, and is really just such a help to me.
8. Julia loves her Heavenly Father. She is very aware of the line between right and wrong and does very well to not cross it without any prodding from me. She has a keen sense of what is good and she seeks it out while pushing away those things that are not good for her spirit.
9. Julia loves her dad. And with good reason. She takes her ideas, designs and plans to him and he helps her achieve them. So I guess that's something I like about Jeff too. But I love to see their relationship and know that she trusts him.
10. Julia has an amazing smile with dimples and freckles, lovely apple cheeks and a perky little nose. Her eyes literally sparkle when she is happy, and when she is sad her eyes show it all. She has always been an expressive little thing and from her 3 year old scowls to her 11 year old nervousness/excitement at starting middle school, Julia is a joy to behold.

Happy Birthday Darling Julia!


  1. Julia is an amazing girl, truly. She has a quick wit plus being a very deep thinker. She can put all her focus to work in a way very few adults can. So, this Grandma is here to say how much we love her and also admire the person she is. Happy Birthday (Aug 26th) Julia.

  2. Happy Birthday Julia! I have something for you at my house....See you today!

  3. Happy Birthday Julia! You are quite the young lady! I will never forget when you and I went to Mcdonalds and you had to help me order for all of you kids. I smile each time I go by McDonalds at 4Corners! Love you kiddo!

  4. Happy Birthday Julia! I love you so much and I love sharing a room with you. I'm going to be really happy that you're going to Middle School with me. Love you!

  5. Happy Birthday to Julia!! You are awesome!! I love you- you are so much fun! Can't believe you are 11 already!

  6. Happy Birthday Julia!!! You are super! I love building projects with you! You're very creative and talented! I know you'll do great things!


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