Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day two

Day two started earlier today.

7:30. A.M.

But no biggie, right? Cuz we totally went to sleep early the night before, right?

Uh. No.

Seems that a house ful of people with cameras and lights every where kind of riles up the kids and makes it hard to put them to bed. Weird, I know.

So we packed the younger 4 off to spend today and tomorrow with my parents and sister. And then Thursday they will spend it with my friend Daisy and my SIL Amy. Apparently it is quite difficult to have quiet on the set with the younger four running around. Who knew?

So today was the cooking segment. Which made me grateful that we started so early because it was still cool outside.

And, today, I got to have my make up done by a real live makeup artist. His name is James, and I wish I could keep him. Truly.

Seems you have to wear a lot of makeup for it to actually show up on t.v. So my dilemna about what color of lipstick I should choose and all, really didn't matter. Since I didn't get to decide.

You can't tell, but I looked pretty fab.

We had some down time while they were filming the hosts do their OTF's(on the fly). Which basically is where you pretend that what you're saying is not scripted at all but really something off the top of your head. Which it's not, by the way.
So the girls and I let off some steam.

Jeff being himself. Ha!

Now, I guess I'm not supposed to really post pictures of this whole process until after it airs, but I'm kind of a rebel and I wanted to share one story about the day.

-I was just informed by my rule abiding husband that they could hand me a cease and desist if I publish any pictures of the process before the show airs.

Party pooper.

But I can still tell the story.


So the cooking Maven and I were in the kitchen, whipping up some delish dishes.
At one point while we were "rolling" she messed up a little and when referring to the way we were going to cook the dish, instead of saying the low and slow tag line (temperature and time) she said slow and low. I know it doesn't seem like much of a difference, but I guess it is.

So right after she said it wrong, she went "oops, that's not right" and I said "yeah, that would be a completely different show".

Can you believe I said that? I can. And just so you know, I was thinking of a show about low rider cars, but everyone had a good laugh at my expense because their minds are all naughty I say!

Anyhoo, it was a fun and exhausting day. So we are now going to go and have Blizzards for dinner.

But I wouldn't be able to say Blizzard because it's a registered trademark. Instead I would have to say blended ice cream dessert, or some craziness like that.

I am learning a teensy bit about t.v. Like the fact you can't say Tupperware, velcro, or ziplock without being sponsored by those companies. And the fact that the catered lunches are fabulous. Salmon, fancy shmancy salads, and organic homemade cookies was the bill of fare today.

But mainly I learned that t.v. is a lot of work, but super fun.

and I learned that I prefer the job I have now.

I miss you Charlie, Anne Marie, Henry and Nora. We'll see you soon.

And I'll be back with more tomorrow.


  1. You can sure write a good story....Really captures the excitement of the day! I love being kept up to date. Thanks Amy!

  2. Your kids are doing great. Everyone is in bed and/or sleeping and it is only 10:45pm. I am amazing. (Sheesh...nine kids is a lot of work)

  3. Sounds like an exhausting day! Can't wait to see how it all turned out. You look great!

  4. This is so exciting! I feel like I am right there! Can't wait for the third installment!

  5. Wednesday will be another day helping Maile watch the kids. Lucky (the dog) remembers Nora for her good taste in food. He follows her closely as she wanders with her Ritz crackers. He licks her face frequently. Very cute!!

  6. Oh my gosh Amy, I haven't checked blogs in forever and it's been so fun to catch up on yours! I'm so excited about your TV thingy!!!! How fun and you are the perfect family to do that! I'm also so excited about your Ragnar race! That is amazing! I wish we lived closer and we could run together! Your kids are growing up so fast too! I MISS YOU!!!!!!! I love reading your are an amazing writer! Love ya!


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