Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 4-And that's a wrap!

Well, we're done. We're finished. We're dead tired.
It was an amazing experience. So much fun. And the best people on the planet to work with.

We had our reveals today. And truly, everything looks so great. It's hard to believe it's all over after all the time we have spent anticipating this week.

But we're done, and I'm so exhausted that I was even tempted to not post anything tonight, but I love you all so I'm here.

I got totally emotional during the reveals. Not about the reveals themselves, and not even about the fantastic projects or the amazing people we worked with. No, I was emotional because I was so happy for my girls. They deserved this and I knew it meant a lot to them, so it meant a lot to me as their mama to see them happy. And luckily for our wonderful producer Mike, crying emotional mama was exactly what he had been hoping for.

Plus, Charlie, Anne Marie, Henry and Nora all got to come home today. I missed them SO much.

So now my little family is all together again with a fab new girl's room and a clean laundry room.

Plus, since Proctor and Gamble is the major sponsor of the show, I got at least 100 dollars worth of products. Swiffer, Gain, Dish detergent and soap, Glade candles and air fresheners, Febreze. You name it, they left it for me. They had a guy who works for P & G whose only job was to place the products in my home and make sure that the products got adequate air time. The rest of the time, he sat around sending emails and looking at his phone. I want his job.

So now my house is clean and tidy. Um, except for Nora's room. Because that is where all of the boxes of stuff from Kate and Julia's room ended up. They clean out the room of all the messy disorganization, and then put it somewhere else. Not actually back in the room for the reveal. That's why it all looks so good.

But it was really a fun experience and the whole crew made us feel really good. The producer told us our's was his favorite episode since he's been on the show. And the rest of the crew kept telling us how easy we made everything for them and what a difference that makes that we're so nice.

You know, they lied. -I'm just kidding!

No they genuinely said that we have a great family and that it was a real pleasure working with us.

And my dear Jeff started our last day with a bang.

The Producer, Mike, wore a ball cap and a t-shirt with some sort of plaid shirt over it everyday. That plus his binder and bottle of water became pretty recognizable. He also said things like"I loved it. One more time." Or,"that was great. Do it again"

So Jeff answered the door this morning, dressed like Mike. Baseball cap, t-shirt, plaid shirt over it, binder and water. When Mike saw him, the first thing he said was "Are you wearing the same thing you've been wearing?" (cuz you wear the same outfit for 4 days in a row to make it look like the show happened in one day). And then he realized he was looking at a replica of himself.
Well, they all loved it! I exaggerate not. It was the perfect energizer for the last day and everyone took pictures of the two of them together and just had a great laugh about it. And to top it off, Jeff had made a t-shirt for Mike that said "That was great. Now one more time".

Mike put the shirt on immediately, and told us he that from now on he would wear it during a shoot.

It was pretty cool what Jeff did, and it really set the tone for a last, great day.
We really hit it off with the Maven's and the crew and I honestly felt like we made some good friends.

Here is a very small peek at the girls doing their last OTF's (on the fly)
Here we are during another break from shooting. Don't I sound so Hollywood? Don't worry, I won't forget about you all when I make it big. As if!

And just for fun, here is the battery pack for my mike, which was attached to my chest with double sided tape. I got "miked up" every morning.

Anyway, it was fun, fantastic, amazing, thrilling, brilliant, wonderful and incredible. All words I used to describe what the people from TLC did for us over and over and over again.

It was exhausting and if asked to do it again? In a heartbeat.


  1. Thanks again Amy! You are great at this writing thing and I even got up in the night to see how today went....So glad it was even more than you had hoped for.....Love you guys! Can't wait to see the show!

  2. Hey Amy!
    I just checked my facebook then went to your blog so I am all caught up with you and yours!
    That is so fun. And it was great to 'hear' your voice again.
    All is well here, a busy summer, kids back in school, hearts slowly healing.
    Stay well and get some rest!

  3. AWESOME energizer Jeff!!!! Love the report Amy!!

  4. How cool! When I get back I'm going to have to make my way down to your house to see the results!! Can't wait for your show!! How fun for you guys! Of course they loved your family, who doesn't??

  5. It was so much fun getting to see the rooms on Friday! Let us know when it airs as we would love to watch it with you and I will bring popcorn!!

  6. How exciting! I can't wait to see the "reveal!"

    Do you know when your show will air?


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