Monday, April 19, 2010

Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a very special day for our family.

Charlie was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint by his father, my dear Jeffy.

In our church, children are baptized when they are 8 years old. We call it the age of accountability. The age when they truly begin to understand right and wrong and to make their choices based on that knowledge.

And our children look forward to this. Anne Marie mentioned this week how she couldn't wait to turn 8 and be baptized.

And yesterday, Henry kept asking me if he got to get baptized too. I assured him that when he turned 8 he would get to as well. Then he proceeded to tell Jeff, after looking up Jeff's nose "You have spider webs in your nose!!". His mind switches topics really fast, obviously.

One of Charlie's best friends was baptized as well, so between all of the beloved family and friends, there was quite a crowd. And we appreciate everyone's support of our son.

Charlie also received a special gift yesterday. A gift he will have with him the rest of his life. A gift that will be more valuable to him than anything else he will ever receive. You can read about this gift

So now will Charlie run around in a little bubble of perfection, making no mistakes, doing no wrong? Nah. He is still Charlie. And just like the rest of us, perfection will not come in this life.

But we are so proud of him. He is a wonderful young man full of promise, shining with the light of the gospel. And we love him. So much.

Congratulations Charlie boy!


  1. So exciting! Hannah turns 8 in November and can't wait.

    Congrats Charlie!

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  3. You know, Henry told me yesterday after I put mascara on, that I put peanut butter and jam on my eyes.

    Congratulations Charlie!


  4. sweet Charlie. He is indeed a good boy.

    Congratulations to the whole family on a beautiful day!

  5. It was a great day...I am sooo proud of Charlie!


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