Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stuff of Nobel Prizes?

Last weekend I spent an hour or two making bread and doing general household type things.

I assumed, incorrectly, that Henry was somewhere playing with Anne Marie.

When my bread was finally in the oven, I thought I should go check on everyone and see what they were doing.

Jeff was on the computer, check.

Kate and Julia were reading, check.

Nora was napping, check.

Charlie was looking at his Pokemon cards, check.

And Anne Marie was on the trampoline. No check.

Because where was Henry?

Oh, just doing something he is sooo good at. With a permanent marker, of course.

But it didn't end there.

And in addition to the closet door, he also found time to mark up a couple of bedroom doors, the counter in the bathroom, kate's bed, the walls in his own bedroom and the wall leading into the playroom.

It. Was. Not. Awesome.

So we looked through our arsenal of color removing tools and pulled out our one and only hope.

The Mr. Clean magic eraser. If you don't own a box of these and you have small children, then I'm just not sure what to say to you.

It got all the marker off the doors, the counter top and the wall. The doors don't even look like there was ever a smudge on them. It will pull some of the paint off the walls if you have flat paint (thank you SO MUCh harbor homes for the flat paint everywhere, didn't we mention we had a lot of kids?), but otherwise it is a miracle worker.

I kept saying, over and over to Jeff that I couldn't believe this product hadn't received a Nobel Prize for Science, or something. A Nobel Prize for making my life easier? Do they have those? They should.

And it saved Henry from additional wrath on my part. And that is certainly worth the money spent on a box of Magic Erasers.

The end.


  1. no. freakin. kidding. I could do an info-mercial for them myself! What would we do without them!?

  2. That's what you get for baking bread. (just kidding).

  3. FABulous product! Did you know that the Dollar Tree has a similar product?

  4. Hi wish we can be friends :'3 hope u can visit my blog, :'D if u only want.. thanks ;')


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