Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to life

My glasses look awesome on her. Too bad the sun didn't come out enough to need them.

Spring break is over.

The kids went back to school today.

The house is too quiet, even with Henry and Nora and Elle running around.

Last week went by way too fast.

We took two trips to the zoo.

Went visiting to Grandparents and cousins in Ellensburg.
We watched an awesome little movie called How to Train your Dragon. Highly recommend.
We went to Issaquah and ate lunch with Jeff.
We enjoyed the very tiny amount of sunshine. We even ventured out to the busiest McDonald's ever so that little people could play in the play land. Not sure I will ever do that again during a school holiday.
I got to enjoy a little girls night out, which Henry let me know he was unhappy about by wailing as I left, "I want you to come baaaack!"
The next morning he crawled into bed with me, all excited "You came back!"
"Dat make my heart happy"
Mine too, Henry.
Now, back to reality. Unfortunately.

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