Tuesday, April 13, 2010 a bird?

Yesterday afternoon, I kept hearing this noise. Kind of like a *thwack* thwack*. Upon investigating, all I found at first, was this:

Just a nice little birdie sitting on the fence outside my kitchen window.

Until suddenly......

The little creature literally flew itself into my window, over and over again.

At first I thought that maybe it was just trying to fly away and got confused by the clearness and cleanliness of my windows.

Wait, give me a second to catch my breath from laughing at the probability of that.

Ok, I'm better now.

So since it obviously couldn't have been the crystal clear condition of my windows, I had to wondered what this bird was doing.

Was it mentally challenged? Hit itself against one too many windows?
Did it hear the crying and screaming of the little ones inside and was coming to their rescue?

I just couldn't figure it out. And the silly thing continued doing this for 3 hours.

So I decided to sneak outside and see if maybe this bird was protecting something, a little nervous it would fly at me and attempt to peck me to death.

I was scared for my life, I tell ya.

But it didn't try pecking me, it just scooted down the fence a safe distance and watched me.

Upon further search I found this:

Now, you may be asking yourself what that is. I'm still not sure. But it kind of looks like feathers sticking out, doesn't it?

So what I decided, through some impressive deductive reasoning, is that this little birdie has built a nest on the overhang above the kitchen window. And while sitting on the fence keeping a watch out, little mamma bird saw another bird encroaching on her territory.

So she opened a can of crazy on that other bird and attacked with all her might.

So yeah, she may not be the smartest little thing around, what with attacking her own reflection and all, but she is mighty brave.

I've heard of how mamma Bears will attack any creature, even bigger creatures, to protect their cubs. So I've always hoped I would be like a mamma bear.

But I may have switched. I think I'd like to be crazy like a mamma bird.

It just feels closer to home somehow.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go help Nora. She just dumped a bowl of peaches on her head.


  1. Laugh my butt off!!

    Hey make a "birdie shadow" and tape it to the window......might help?

  2. Ok, that was super funny...omgosh, I miss your guts amy. When big K told me she had been chatting with big A, I felt so excited I could jump out of my skin. You look awesome....and I can't believe you have six kids, what a rock star.
    Hope your doin great.


  3. I love how you write. This is so funny. I wonder what bird will grace your life next.


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