Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So I was nominated (or spammed, I really can't tell) to do a blog interview for Blog .

You can see it here. If you want. You don't have to. Oh, but if you do, and you vote for my blog, I could possibly, remotely win 900 bucks.

Why they chose 900 dollars as the give away amount, I'm not sure. But I would gladly take their weird prize money amount off their hands.

Just saying.

Oh, and that bird I told you about yesterday? She is STILL attacking my window. All day yesterday, and she has started today already. Sheesh.

P.S. I guess I was wrong. It's 1000 dollars TOTAL worth of prizes, not the weird, random 900 I came up with. Oh well.

1 comment:

  1. Amy,

    Thanks for the interview. It's not $900...we are giving away 18 prizes worth a total of over $1,000.

    Good luck.



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