Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Office Assistant

Anyone looking for good office help?

I have someone with good organization skills. She's especially good at rearranging closets and drawers full of toys.

She has exceptional computer skills. She will have your computer running like it never has before in no time.

But, be warned. She can be very tempermental if you don't share your food with her. And she has a tendency to wear her pajamas to work.

Other than that, she would be the perfect addition to any work environment.

If you can afford her 1.3 trillion dollar salary, that is. She's pretty pricey. Although she may consider trading her highly sought after skills for a lifetime supply of fruit snacks and granola bars. She's a pretty tough negotiator, though, she may get you to include hugs and kisses as well.

Take it from me though, totally worth it.


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