Thursday, October 8, 2015


When I describe my children, I talk as if they are the most amazing people in the world. Because they are. But I talk about each of them like that. It is not a competition, or a comparison. They stand on their own, they are their own people, while collectively being part of a bigger family that loves them.

This is about one of them. Julia.

Julia turned 16. 16 is an interesting age. You are very close to adulthood, and no longer needing your parents to help you with every decision. In fact I read once that if your children cannot make most of their own decisions by the time they are 16 then as a parent, you have some catching up to do.

We have tried to do that. We want capable, independent adults. And as one wise Prophet said, "I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves."

So back to Julia. She is 16. And we are very proud of her and the decisions that she(mostly) makes all by herself:)

She is part of a family that has some quirkiness. A certain lack of perfection that is just perfect.

Julia has a confidence that defies her age. I don't know why she has it, I don't know how she got it. But whatever magic elixir she drinks that makes her so sure of herself and not prone to worrying about what others think, I would like some please!

And she likes homemade chocolate cake. But then, whats not to like?
Sugar, butter, chocolate and flour. Perfection by any standards.

 And yes, she really did ask for Nutella. Kate wrapped it and everything. Previous years have found her asking for chocolate chips. I would say her tastes have matured, but she still asks for chocolate chips too:)

I am not sure what Nora gave her. Something sweet and adorable that she found in her room and decided that she loved Julia enough to part with it.

Same for Anne Marie. A hug and a thank you and they are happy.

Julia is a gifted artist and she shares the love and the gift with her Grandma. So grandma Allen always gifts Julia with lovely artsy things. I know Julia didn't get her talent from me, so we are grateful for genetic gifts that are passed down from mother to son to daughter.

And Julia loves the intelligent and quirky. Because, well, that is also a way you could describe her. And brilliant. Truly. And someone who shares the traits of quirky, brilliant and intelligent? Why good ol' Albert of course.

That a lot of candles. Seriously. Too many. Can't we go back to age 3 with the Bob the Builder birthday and give me more time? But I know that it will never be enough. It is a gift to me to love being with my children so much. But it is also hard. The comfort I have comes from knowing that they will choose amazing spouses and I will have 12 children some day!

Plus the grandbabies. Oh goodness do I have a lot to look forward to. Um, I digress.

It cannot be overstated that Julia is special. Gifted and talented beyond belief. We have always tried to let them be who they are and just provide a home where whoever they are can flourish and thrive. If Julia stood alone I would feel that our mission was accomplished. But her 5 siblings tell me that we are blessed beyond belief.

Julia is amazing.
Julia is full of determination and the ability to achieve goals that I aspire to.
Julia has taught me a lot about being your own person and not letting the world dictate who that should be.
Julia has shown me that talent only gets you so far, its hard work that is the real determiner of what you become.
Julia lives her life in a way where not much time is wasted. There is so much to be, do and accomplish.
Julia is steady and steadfast but also humble enough to look inward and see what she needs to improve.
Julia is and has always been an old soul who sees the world in a very unique way.

Keep on dreaming Julia. Your dreams will inspire others to soar as well.

Happy birthday darling bunny girl. We love you always and forever.

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