Friday, October 23, 2015


Kate turned 18. Yup. The big and frightening number that you can never imagine when they are born.

The your an adult now, can make your own decisions now, do what you want now so please make good decisions forever,age.

Thankfully she is amazing.

 And she hasn't had cake for her birthday for 6 years. Lemon bars? Yes please!

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? Yes.
And these two. Best friends since Julia's birth. Always together, the cheese to cracker,chocolate to peanut butter, milk to cookie, combo of a relationship. Totally different while perfectly complimenting the other. 

You can't read it I'm sure but the sign says "Kate you're 18. Welcome to adulthood". It was funny while not being funny if you are me. Adulthood means growing up and leaving home and your sad but happy for you, mama. 

This is a theme lately for me. How do I stop being sad that they are growing up? Is that even possible?

Kate made me a mom. It's so precious, that connection between mom and child. And that first baby makes you realize how small you are and how big the love in your chest is. So big that you feel it might explode sometimes.

I have written a lot about how spectacular Kate is. How kind and full of goodness. How she stands for truth and righteousness every day. How good she is to Jeff and I, so patient and understanding as our practice kid. We seem to have done just fine with her:)

Someday soon Kate will graduate and head out on a mission.

Someday soon Kate will go to college and find the man of her dreams and marry him in the Temple of the Lord.

Someday Kate will be a mother with her own little brood of beautiful babies.
Someday she will help us in our old and eccentric age;)

But for now, she is our little girl still and I will enjoy every minute we have with her for the next year.

Happy birthday dear Kate. We love you always and forever.


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