Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Oh how I love this little man. He was born in the middle of the MBA program at BYU and he made that second year so much better. The first year was really hard for me with 4 little kids, pregnant and Jeff gone all time. But this sweet little angel baby really was exactly what I needed at the time. Heavenly Father knew what he was doing with the timing for sure:)

I cried and cried when this boy started kindergarten. How could I not. Look how cute he was?

Henry loves his siblings. All 5 of them. But he has a really special bond with the two sisters he is sandwiched between. The three of them do everything together. And so far Anne Marie being 12 and in 7th grade hasn't changed that at all. 

This year, as a big 3rd grader, he just wanted Star Wars stuff.

Specifically a KyloRen costume. You know, the new villian in the new Star Wars movie coming out? If you didn't know about it, then you obviously don't live with the uber Star Wars fan like I do who has passed this obsession on to some of his children.

Exhibit A:

It will NEVER cease to amaze me how fast time goes when you are enjoying something. And I enjoy Henry. The fact that he is 9 is something my tender mama heart almost can't comprehend. The fact that any of my children aren't babies anymore is something that just baffles my little brain.

For his cake he did not want frosting. He hates it. So I made strawberry flavored whipped cream. Which you can't really decorate with. So I took every color sprinkle we had in the house and voila,you have his primary colors cake that he was really happy about.

It was soooo good. If I do say so myself.

Henry the darling.
Henry the loveable.
Henry the tender hearted.
Henry the kind and good.
Henry the crazy smart. (I showed him how to swing the axe to chop wood and he said, "Oh, so you have gravity work for you." Yeah.)
Henry the goofy in crazy. When he is really comfortable, boy does the crazy fun come out.
Henry the talented dancer. This kid gets it from his dad. He seriously is going to be an amazing hip hop dancer.
Henry the boy that girls like to chase on the playground. He does not understand why;)
Henry the cuddly one. Except at school now. I volunteer at their school and he informed me he does not want me to hug him at school. *sigh*
Henry the always kind. If Henry gets mad at you or says something mean, well, lets just say you must have deserved it if HE finally got mad.

Henry is an amazing boy. He holds such a warm and sweet spot in all of our hearts. Everyday I am grateful for him and his sweet,calming presence. We need all types in this world for it to function and be an interesting place. We need Henry for his kind perspective, for his ability to be chill, and for his love of showing off when he has an audience:)

We love you Henry. Always and forever.

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