Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I love Anne Of Green Gables. Like, not a little, but a lot. She is who I aspire to be as a wife, mother and friend. So it was natural that since my favorite literary character's name is Anne and my mother's middle name is Ann, that I would want to name a daughter Anne (has to have an "e". Sorry mom:). So we did. We gave her the middle name of Marie and we call her Anne Marie. 

I was so excited to have her read Anne Of Green Gables someday so that she would know of the greatness that her name stems from. Seriously. I REALLY love Anne Shirley.

So for Anne Marie's 12th birthday, when she asked to have an Anne of Green Gables themed birthday, I was over the moon. 

It so happened that I double booked that night and had invited the missionaries over for dinner as well. But, in Anne like fashion, we welcomed that. In Anne's time, it was a great honor to have the minister and his wife over for tea. So I wrote questions for all the girls to ask the missionaries and we included them in the party. It was really cool and we were fortunate to learn a lot about the two Elders who leave their home and family for two years.

We had them play games including the limbo(I know that they did not play this in Anne's time. Oh well.) But they had a 3 legged race and a potato sack race. It was really sweet to see all of these young women dressed up in their best attire. Eating thumbprint cookies, shortbread and chicken salad sandwiches. 

And because I like birthday weeks, not just days, I take each kid out to the Palace Restaurant. Its a treat for them and me:)

Finally, we spend her actually birthday in Lincoln City Oregon with Jeff's entire family. We rented this beautiful, big beach house and had a really great time.

 I really need to get a new camera. That's not on my phone. Most of the pictures inside the house were fuzzy. Sad:(

But the beach was glorious, and hopefully she felt the love of family. It was a fun weekend and we are so grateful that Anne Marie is part of our family for eternity.

Anne Marie is loving and full of kindness for others.
She is strong in her opinions and desire to do what is right, but will always treat others with kindness.
That combo is pretty enviable. She is a great example to me.
She is a great student, a good athlete, a great piano player and singer and just a great person.
She is excited to be part of the Young Women's program for our church. Its an exciting time to be 12.
She has a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and she desires to share this with others.
She is brave and bold and beautiful and brilliant.

Thank you for who you are Anne Marie. We love you always and forever.

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