Tuesday, October 6, 2015

These two...

This year I made jam with my mom and my sister. A year's worth.

I canned applesauce and apple pie filling.

And then one glorious and hot summer's day I canned peaches with Kate and Julia.

Partly because I feel this crazy thing call responsibility to teach them how to do stuff. And the other 4 will get this as well. Cuz girls AND boys can cook and clean and can food. You know that's right.

But this one day I got to be with my older two. Talking, laughing and learning. It was a beautiful day. 

I don't have a ton more of these kind of days with them. That's why it mattered so much to me. Every day matters.  But they are closer and closer to being grown ups. And I need every memory I can get my hands on before they are off and making their own memories. Without me. *sniff* Shut up. 

That's life and its normal and I will still have future memories with them. I just want to cherish all the days. With all my kids, ya know? 

I know you know:)

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy them while you can cuz it goes waayyyy too fast


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