Thursday, October 22, 2015

First day of school. Yay and BOO!

Kate is a Senior. Whaaaa! Sob, sniff, choke. :(

Julia my Junior. Ditto to the above.

Charlie-8th grade. HOW?!!!!

Henry 3rd grade and Anne Marie- 7th grade. What the hay man?

And last but not least, my baby who is not a baby, and now in 2nd grade.

You guys I'm telling you, this is the hard part amongst all the amazing parts of being a parent. Time flies for me because I enjoy every minute of their lives. Even the spitting up, up all night, throwing tantrums, hormonal cry fests and sneaking food from the pantry moments. ALL OF IT. So to blink and see how fast it is going is just, well, its just hard. I have 11 years til everyone is gone. And that is NOT ENOUGH TIME!

But its life, and I am trying to accept it, because, what else can I do?

I love my children. I love who they are, who they are becoming. I love their good things and I love the imperfect things. I would do anything for them, including being the weird parents who don't own a t.v. or a xbox. Because I love them.

Heavenly Father knows me. He knows them. And he paired us perfectly. And I am forever grateful.

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