Friday, October 9, 2015

Lincoln City

The beach. Said in Mr. Bean's voice:)

I have to believe that Heaven's beaches will be beyond spectacular. If this is earth's version, then I can only imagine what a Heavenly Beach would look like. Cuz this felt pretty close to Heaven on Earth.

This was just to prove that I was there. That's all.

I found it funny to take a selfie with Kate in it taking a selfie. I'm sure there is some irony in there.

My crazy little man.

6 of my 7 reasons for living. I am so blessed. I really, really am.

Every time we go to the ocean, we ALWAYS say, how can we live here full time? It's a conversation we have no matter what beach and what time of year. Something about it is so soothing and soul renewing.

Instead of being given medicine, doctors just need to prescribe good ocean air, daily walks on the beach, and lots of fruit and vegetables. It would cure everything, I'm sure:)

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