Sunday, October 4, 2015

Nora Belle(that's not really her name)

Nora's real middle name is Jane. But we have called her Nora Belle since she was born because she was so pretty. It almost feels weird to remember that her name is actually Nora Jane:)

So, my baby is 7. Whaaaaaa! No, its ok. No, its not. It is. Its not. Sheesh. Its a roller coaster, thats what it is. 

Waffles with homemade syrup, strawberries and whip cream. Cuz its not your birthday if there isn't sugar!
 We all love her, and each other, so much. Charlie and her have similar personality qualities, so they go back and forth between "getting" each other and annoying each other. But consistently adoring one another.

For Nora's birthday she really wanted to ride a horse. It so happens that we have fantastic friends who said, sure bring her over and Hannah will give her a lesson. It. Was. Awesome.

She was not afraid and completely in love.

It was so adorable. Her happy grins really made my sneezing and itchy eyes worth it.
I wasn't always allergic to horses. In fact, I developed an allergy after Nora was born. I think there is some irony in that. She loves horses. So do I. They make me itch now. Sad clown.

I am thankful for family that love my children. I am thankful they make the effort and drive long distances to be there for birthdays. It means the world to me and to my kids.

Terrible fuzziness, but my parents stopped in Maple Valley and picked up my niece, one of Nora's best friends. What a great surprise.

My children are really good about expressing gratitude for the gifts they receive. It matters not how big or small. They are just thankful to be shown that someone loves them.

She is not upset. I have no idea why her face looks like that. My mom reconstructed(which was a surprise to Nora and I) Nora's old blankie, using the thin pieces to make a new blanket. Nora was actually quite happy. 

And of course, an American girl. It will be a sad day in this house when American girl dolls are no longer a centerpiece of imagination and play. I never owned any, so I live through my girls. What?

And if you haven't heard of Monster High Dolls, lucky you. But Nora loved them and so we worked around that theme.

7. When a baby is born it is so hard to imagine that someday they will talk and walk, let alone that they will grow and get bigger and move and go to college and get married and not live with you. And no one tells you that your heart will break a little and that all the sleepless nights and spit up would gladly be welcomed back just to have more time with them. But oh how grateful I am for the time I have. I am more blessed than I deserve and so thankful.

Nora is a shining light.
Nora is a bright spot on a cloudy day.
Nora is happy and sunny and giggly.
Nora is kind and loving and full of hugs and loves.
Nora is a dimpled smile and sparkly eyes.
Nora is sweet and joyful and full of life.
Nora is adored by her parents and siblings. As all children should be.
Nora is a dream come true. As all children should be.

Happy birthday to my favorite 6th child. You are loved and delighted over. Every day. We love you forever.

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