Friday, January 28, 2011

Carrying eachother

I went on a walk yesterday.

I didn't have my double stroller with me, just the umbrella one.

So it meant Henry had to walk while Nora road in comfort.

I thought he would be just fine.

And he was on the downhill parts.

On the downhill he squealed with delight and ran it.

But on the uphill parts, which were plentiful, he kind of sat down on the side of the trail and whimpered.

I tried encouragement, coerce-ment, and just plain pulling him along.

Finally I could see that it was no good.

So I gave the stroller pushing over to someone else, and I proceeded to give Henry a piggy back ride up the hills, about a mile back to the car.

My hiney muscles hurt today.

But as I lifted my son, and he sighed happily from relief, I thought how wonderful it is to be a mother.

To be there to lift my little children, to hug my big kids, to listen and be a shoulder, and to sometimes laugh so hard it hurts. Because that is what is needed.

And then I thought of my Savior, and how He lifts me constantly. How He figuratively carries me when I have no strength left, and helps me when the hills just get too big .

And I felt joy in the ability to do that for someone else. To help my little Henry when he was feeling small and weak, and I was feeling strong.

My hope is that we can do that for others.

That we can encourage.

That we can help.

And that when it's really needed, we can lift and occasionally carry each other.

Til the end of whatever trail we might be on.


  1. What a lovely post! I always enjoy hearing you post about your faith--so few people are so open about it, and it's refreshing to see.

    I truly believe that God is there carrying us up the hills--even when at times it feels that we're slogging through on our own. But that belief keeps me heading up this rocky mountain! (I hear there are great things at the top so I can't stop now!)

    Hope you had a lovely walk with the kids, and that your backside isn't too sore for too long!

  2. I love this post and just know that you have lifted me more then you know! When I am having a bad day you always seem to be posting the perfect thing for me to hear. when you leave a comment on some of my posts its just what I needed so thank you!


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