Monday, January 24, 2011

In our family, dressing up is essential.
Essential I tell ya.
It always has been.
From Kate on down to Nora, there is nothing like pretending to be a ballerina, or princess, or Batman, or Batgirl even.

Eventually they grow out of daily dress up.
And have to pretend they don't like it anymore, and instead wait anxiously for Halloween to roll around.

Another essential thing?
The Wizard of Oz.
They all love it. The movie, the trivia game, the little figures from McDonalds.
But it creeps me out.
It always has.
What a weird phobia, to be afraid of the Wizard of Oz.
So instead, I take pictures and chime in with answers occasionally.
Cuz even though I don't like it, I've seen the dang movie a million times.
That's what we do when we love people.
We watch their favorite movies.
And play their favorite games.
Oh wait, I have to draw the line somewhere.


  1. I love the Wizard of Oz...what the heck is wrong with you????

    Just kidding. It is creepy. But I love it. We watched it with our kids on Christmas Eve. Random, I know, but it was great.

  2. All I can think about when I'm watching it are those horrible urban legend stories that go along with 'what happened when they were filming'.

    Also, I think I somewhat resemble the wicked witch - the bad one. So, I don't like to look at her.

  3. I remember before Video disc, and VHS, etc. The Wizard of Oz was only on once a year. It was such a great event! We made popcorn and my whole family would settle in the family room to watch the show.

    Then it was one of the first Video disks that we bought before VHS players. I love the creepiness, too. The Mayor of munchkin city and the coroner. That's just good times.


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