Thursday, January 6, 2011

Change of plans

Update: I have shingles. Weird, huh? Seems that if you had chicken pox as a kid, the virus lays dormant and can show up as a painful rash later on in life. Usually it happens in people over 60, but for a few "lucky" ones, like myself, it can happen when you are younger.

I am glad to know what it is, and I am glad that I'm not allergic to something. And though I don't love that it's on my face, I am super greatful at the same time. When it's on another part of your body, your clothes can rub against it and cause more pain, or your skin can be irritated when you sit down or against something. But for me, I just won't be sleeping on my left side for a while. So here is an example of things happening that you never think will happen to you. C'est la vie!

I had a lovely, long-ish post planned for today.

But instead, I will be going to the doctor for a weird allergic reaction I am having on my face to something.
Two words: puffy, pustule. Nice visual, eh?


I will be attempting to potty train this little goose:

Wish me luck, with both things.


  1. Oh dear, my first thought was the liquid lecithin. Do you think your body might not like it? I hope all goes well at the doctors. Lots of love.

  2. Oh, Amy that is so terrible! If you need anything, let me know and I will send Colby over :) Sorry shingles are catchy. I hope you start to feel better soon!! Hugs Kimmie

  3. Shingles are only catching if a number of factors occur. First, the rash has to have reached a blister stage. Which mine have not. And since I got them soon and am already on anti-viral med, the doc said it should never reach that stage. Secondly, it's only catching if you've never had chicken pox, or if you've not been immunized against chicken pox. And even then, you get chicken pox, not shingles.

    But if the rash does turn into blisters, I promise to stay as secluded as possible until it goes away. ;)

  4. Oh, good I am so glad to hear you aren't catchy or I was going to have to be like the neighbor on home improvement hanging over the fence to talk to you :) We need to make a plan to hang out!!

  5. Sorry to hear about the shingles. My mom had them on her abdomen. Very painful, and you are right about the rubbing of the clothes. I hope it goes away soon..


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