Friday, January 21, 2011

What's weather got to do, got to do with it?

I have not felt like posting.

No I have not.

I was trying to figure out why, and then I looked out the window and realized the source of all my anti blogging sentiments.


Rain, rain and more rain.

Yes I'm complaining, even though I shouldn't what with all the weather disasters around the world and birds falling from the sky and what not.

But rain has a negative affect on me. Especially when it's been raining straight for 3 weeks.

And yes, I'm thankful I don't live where it floods, because there has been some flooding around here, but I still want to whine.

Because I miss the sunshine. I miss the blue skies. I miss dry grass and I miss exercising outside.

So instead of sitting down to post about my awesome children, my awesome husband, my awesome life.. I mope around, don't clean my house and don't go anywhere.


This is what I need today. To be here:

But instead, I will make sure to be at the bus stop for my kids today, because it is raining soo hard. And even though we live in the greater seattle area, we can never seem to find our umbrellas. Go figure.

So what weather gets to you the most? Rain, snow, tornadoes?

Oh, I hope you don't say tornadoes.


  1. I actually can't stand rain either and that's coming from someone that has an outdoor temp of what maybe 14 at this moment. It was 7 when I brought the kids to school!! I hate it though because of the dogs and the mud they create in the backyard and the mess they get all over themselves and how I have to clean their feet each and every mother lovin time they come inside(like I don't have enough to do every minute of every day) I don't like snow much either but I get over it. I actually have been walking/running just about every other night with the big dog since I found the awesome things for my shoes...

    I think Amy that you(like me) just really don't like when the sun's hiding...It has been out off and on here for a few days now and I'm making sure to stick my face up in it each and every chance I get :-)

  2. I know the feeling. Our Fall was straight rain. Rain gets to me too, now I know. I was so happy the first day it snowed because the white precipitation made the day that much brighter. Instead of gray and cold it was white and cold and I could handle that better. May the sun shine down on you soon!

  3. SNOW, SNOW, More SNOW, Ice, then SNOW. Now negative temps. The only updside to all these storms is that the snow stays white, instead of grungy gray. I am not sure that's consolation enough.


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