Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yesterday I had the joy of taking photos of my sister (in law) Amy and her 4 kids.

Amy is due in about six weeks with baby number 5 and wanted a picture with her kids for the baby shower invitation.

So lucky for me, I had my camera in my car when I came upon this:

And while I didn't exclaim and start crying about rainbows, it was quite beautiful and fun to see after all the stinky rain we've had.

And just because I can. Here is one of the pictures I took of my beautiful SIL and her awesome children.

I don't think it's fair that she looks that good at 8 months pregnant. With baby number 5, no less.

There is a reason there are very few pictures of me pregnant.

Anyway....have a great Tuesday~


  1. There is no end to your talent. Those pictures are beautiful.

  2. Your rainbow picture has made me smile. Thank you for that! ;)

    (And I bet you were so beautiful when you were pregnant, just like you always have been!)

  3. She does look great! But...she always has :) I found a cute present for her yesterday. I was so excited to buy baby stuff! (Nice photography by the way)

  4. That middle boy looks just like Charlie. :)


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