Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is an essay Julia wrote for her 6th grade writing assignment. About her hero.

Who’s dancy pants over there? Oh, that’s right, it’s my dad. He is awesome and weird, in a good way. His fantastic, intelligent, mad genius mind, can read me like an open book. My dad is awesome because he is insane (in a good way), intelligent, and he understands me.
My dad is so insane. His insanity causes him to do random things. He’ll crack a random joke and make me wonder what goes on in his head. He will start dancing randomly in the kitchen for no reason at all. When he just starts singing High School Musical. Sometimes I believe if my mom wasn’t there to keep him in order, we would be living on Mars.
My dad is extremely intelligent. He has a master degree from BYU and always got good grades. He knows so much about mechanics that he has fixed up a lot of our appliances. He knows so much about computers, it’s amazing. I’ve never known him to not be able to fix a problem.
My dad understands me. He knows what to do when I’m feeling blue, furious or even just plain bored. He knows how to help me when I don’t understand something, and he knows how to make me laugh. When I was upset about home work, with a few choice words, he had me with a new bright attitude. Another time when I was so angry I locked myself in my bed room, he was the one that coaxed me out. My dad knows me like an open kindergartener book.
Looks like dancy pants dad is having a great time. He’s awesome, so I’ll let him keep doing it, but he’s also so weird I’ll have to make him stop if my friends come over. He’s insane, intelligent and he understands me, but no matter how crazy he is going to get, I wouldn’t replace him for the world.


  1. She describes him perfectly :) What a compliment to Jeff. Good job Julia, and good job Jeff!

  2. Aww how sweet! Go Jeff, Go Julia!

  3. That's awesome! You've got a blossoming little writer there. That must have been one of the best rewards for fatherhood ever!

  4. Shucks folks, I'm speechless!
    Wow! Sure makes a dad feel great!

  5. That's really sweet Julia! I love it!

  6. for the record he really did try to get us to say yes to living on mars. :)

  7. Very good writing Julia! You really capture the real Jeff. Jeff you are every bit as fun and amazing as she describes .........Awesome! and I am not just saying that because I am your Mother!


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