Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My day yesterday

Wake up at 6:40.
Make pancakes.
7:00-make sure Kate and Julia are up
7:15 make everyone's lunches
Get dressed
7:40 drive Kate and Julia to the bus stop
7:45 wake up Charlie, Anne Marie, Henry and Nora
8:00 feed them and myself
8:15-8:30 bark orders for Charlie and Anne Marie to brush their teeth, put their lunch in their lunch boxes, get shoes on, find your coat, brush your hair, TURN OFF THE TV!
8:35 pile the 4 younger ones into the car and drive to the bus stop
8:45 Cut Henry's hair
9:00 give henry a quick bath and get him dressed for preschool
9:15 leave for preschool.
9:45 get back from preschool
10:00 get Nora situated on PBS kids, reply to some emails
10:15 exercise
11:00 make Nora come upstairs with me while I take a shower
12:00 finally get Nora dressed
12:15 leave to go pick up from preschool
12:45 come home, let Henry go to Gavin's house
1:00 feed Nora lunch and myself lunch
1:20 put Nora down for a nap
1:30-2:00 clean the kitchen
2:00 go get Henry from next door so that he can clean his room
2:15-let Henry go back over after we clean his room
2:16-3:30 clean, clean, load of laundry, clean
3:35 kate comes home
3:40 tell Kate to have a snack and then practice piano for half an hour
4:10 Charlie and Anne Marie come home, eat a snack
4:15 Have Kate start her chore, and Charlie start his piano practice
4:20 Clean some more-tell charlie to do his chore when he's done with practicing the piano, get Anne Marie started on her job
4:40 leave to go pick up Julia from play practice
5:30 get back from picking Julia up
5:40 Sit with Anne marie while she practices piano
6:15 Start dinner
7:00 eat dinner
7:15 Jeff gets home, eats dinner
7:45 Read scriptures as a family, say prayers
8:00 start putting everyone to bed
9:15 go back downstairs to finish cleaning up before bed
9:55 shut off lights,trudge back upstairs
10:00 read my scriptures for a while, pray, zonk out cold.

This is not a brag post. This is a post about what it's like to be a mother some days.

If I had posted about my day Monday, it would have been like this:

Wake up, get the kids to the bus.
Stay in my pajamas all day.
Make a halfhearted effort to potty train Nora.
Abandon the effort to potty train Nora.
Read all day instead.
Not clean
Finally get dressed at 2
Not make dinner (jeff made AWESOME eggs and sausage)
Barely help put the kids to bed, and then fall into bed myself.

Granted, on Monday, I had a splitting headache and was feeling icky from the shingles.

But that was just my excuse. I really just wanted a mental health day more than anything.

And while laying around all day was sort of fun, I did not feel awesome at the end of the day. I felt lame.

But yesterday, I felt awesome.

I would love to hear what your day was like yesterday.Was it as busy as mine? Busier? Do tell.


  1. Oh heck ya, I would have felt awesome too... My yesterday was similar only less different timed drop-off's(only 3 kids) but all sorts of cleaning and cleaning, and laundry.....
    Isaac once said "MOM I never get a chance to relax"!! I looked at him and said and when do I get a chance to relax?? "When we go to bed you get to sit and relax" Oh you think so honey, well when you go to bed I sit down and watch tv with your dad while folding about 5 loads of laundry..
    "oh" and he left it alone... It's hard being a stay at home mom, we don't get enough credit!

  2. I am exhausted just reading that! I don't know how you manage it day-in, day-out (though I would guess the love of a great man and your amazing faith help!).

    You're like a Mommy Rock Star!

  3. You are Rock Star!!! Thanks for all you do and for who you are!

  4. Do you have facebook or can I get your email? I have something funny that you would get a kick out of that goes with this post. I tried to put it on here as a comment but it was too big.

  5. Get kids up, dressed, fed with teeth brushed. Lunches made, myself showered and dressed for work. Turn off lights, turn down heat, put dog in kennel, (out of time so breakfast clean-up will have to wait till this afternoon). Drop kids off at school, go to work for 4 hours. Dentist cleaning today after work - Beau goes to mom's for afternoon. Pick up Layla from school, pick up Beau. Home for early dinner, load of laundry, dad has hockey. Plenty of clean-up to do, want to sew curtains, kids clean room, feed dog, clear table. Review home folders, brush teeth, get in pajamas, and bed.

    Pay bills online....strong desire to surf for the rest of the night but..... if I don't tackle the dinner dishes it will be a real mess tomorrow. Clean up kitchen, go to bed and do the same tomorrow only with the bonus of basketball practice.

    What a liberating experience writing this all down. Thanks Amy for the invite to do so. Can't wait for your next post.

    Thanks for asking. For some reason it made me feel better to itemize.


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