Monday, January 10, 2011

The final match up

So here's how it stands.
Toilet: Zero
Yes folks, we have quite a match up. So far the champion has kept her opponent, Porcelaino Bidet, aka "The Toilet", up against the ropes.
He seemed to be gaining ground when, BOOM! She completely annihilated him by peeing on the floor.
The Toilet's manager, Amy, aka "Mom" isn't looking too good right. All her expertise and years of training may have been more hype than anything.
But stay tuned, this match ain't over yet.
There still more rounds to go and a pile of clean undies at the ready.
We'll keep you updated.


  1. I have heard success stories with M & M's as potty rewards. Or what ever is a carrot for Nora. One M & M per success!

  2. hahahaha!! LOL!!!!
    my little man is going to be 3 in 2 months. I'm not feeling so optimistic with this kid, he wont even consider a "big boy" bed yet, he's not ready he tells me................
    The 3rd birthday is the magic one where you get undies like daddy wears and only a pull up for night time....
    I think I may have a shall we say CHALLENGE on my hands with this one...............
    Keep my hope alive Nora and Amy, keep it alive..............

  3. Hee hee...that reminds me of Emily. Don't give up! Give her lots to drink and lots of incentive. Good luck!

  4. Well at least you know this is the last time you will have to do this! Maybe that is a sad thing but after 5 others I am thinking this is great news! Good luck:)


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