Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Woe is me

For my 400th post, (thank you, thank you, hold your applause please), I would like to discuss the ins and outs of illness and it's ability to hold a family hostage.

I have not posted for days because we have been hit with an onslaught of sickness the likes I have rarely seen.

It started with the regular flu. Body aches, fatigue, head and chest congestion. And then mingled in with that, people started dropping like flies from the stomach flu.

At one point we had half the family that had been throwing up, and the other half with stuffy noses and headaches. But all of us unable to do much but lay around and moan.

Then, just when I was getting over the part where my nose was too stuffed up to even be able to sniff, I broke the mold and got BOTH at the same time.

It was pretty much the most awesome day ever. (Said with a thick layer of sarcasm)

I had to tell my mom to not come for piano lessons.

I had to cancel preschool since it was my week.

I had to call 2 different schools to excuse 4 different children who were all home sick.

I had to tell ladies at church that I could not help much with an activity that we are in charge of this week.

I had to cancel my visiting teaching appointment.

Luckily, or not luckily for him, Jeff was home sick for 2 days and so there were at least two grownups here. Because really, with both of the flu's overriding me, I was more like half a grownup somedays.

I am on the mend. I still have two kids home from school, though, and no groceries.

However, on a positive note, there is a quote from the movie The Devil Wears Prada that always makes me laugh because of it's ridiculousness mixed in with truthfullness that applies to my situation.

"I am ONE stomach flu away from my goal weight!"

Also on a positive note, the sun is shining here. It was yesterday as well. Jeff and I bundled ourselves up and sat on the front porch just to feel the sun on our faces. It was soooo nice.
I am grateful for little blessings at this point.

I hope you all have faired better. And for anyone who got caught in the wake of our wave of illness, you have my apologies.


  1. Oohh. That sounds soo horrible. As the scriptures say over and over, "It came to pass." Never does it say it came to STAY. Good thing, huh.

  2. Ugh, so sorry. We always get knocked out with that in March...can't wait. So glad you're on the mend!

  3. awww.....feel better soon Allen family!!


  4. Oh, ick! I'm sorry you've had to deal with all of the sickness. I hope you're feeling better very, very soon!!

  5. Oh nooo... Us too. Strep and then stomuch bug heaven. Luckily I've managed to stay relatively healthy to care for all the patients around here. I'm praying for sunshine right now, so enjoy some for me too!

  6. Only thing worse, if you were pregnant and this happened too. See? I know how to brighten your day. I'm so sorry. We've had it too. How can cold and flu season be on this side of the world too? There was a lice scare last week at school. I thought of you. See? Things could be worse. :) LOVE YOU!

  7. So sorry you are all so sick! Get well fast wishes!

  8. Where is your visiting teacher with that bag of groceries (or maybe 5-6 bags)?

    Hope you are on the mend soon!


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