Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I always try

Twice now I have submitted my name as a chaperone on a field trip for Anne Marie's class.

Twice now I have been too late. Other parents got there first.

Twice now she has come home teary eyed, telling me that I can't come.

Twice now I have hugged her and told her I tried.

I know they have at least one more field trip and a field day.

So please, Mrs. Teacher, can we not make it three times that I have to look into Anne Marie's big blue doe eyes and tell her I tried?



  1. Poor girl, that stinks. At least you try!

    Have you and Mail bought your tickets yet? Email me...

  2. I hope you're able to chaperone one of these days--what a great treat that will be for both of you! But it's heart-warming to know how much she wants you there!

    Good luck!

    (And a thought, though I'm sure you've already thought of it: Is it possible to mention to the teacher now that you'd like to chaperone for the next trip--before the general ask is sent to the rest of the parents? Or is that against the rules?)

  3. i say: it's a free country. if you just HAPPEN to be at the next field trip destination, what are they going to do ~ leave? ;)


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