Monday, February 21, 2011


Today is the start of mid-winter break.
That means my kids are home all week!
Sleeping in, slumber parties, cleaning (boo!), eating yummy stuff, movies, sleeping in, playing with friends and cousins, and did I mention sleeping in?

But the best part? I get my children. Not their teachers, not their friends at school, but me! I get them, they're all mine.

They are my life. And what a beautiful life it is.

And a shout out to my awesome friend Frances-Happy Birthday dearest!


  1. It was good to see you....Have a happy week.

  2. I'm SO happy that we get to stay home from school this week... and sleep in!

  3. yep. sleeping in... the joy!
    and that is the cutest picture of all your kiddos. great memories.


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