Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good to have around

Over the course of knowing Jeff, I have come to learn that he is capable of anything.


On one hand it's really awesome cuz me or the kids can ask him to fix or make stuff and he can do it. No, he really can.

On the other hand, I have to work really hard at other stuff to seem as cool as dad.

Case in point:

Charlie's latest love is BeyBlades. They're basically a new fangled spinning top. You can take them apart, double stack them, and they have cool launchers and accessories that can set any parent back a couple of big ones. (20's)

Charlie has a list of all the stuff he wants for his personal collection.

One such item is this:

It's hard to tell but that launches one of these:

The point isn't really that it costs money. The point is that Jeff decided it would be more fun to make something themselves, instead of laying down the 8 bucks for some plastic gadget.

This is what they came up with:

And people, it actually works.

And the best part? Charlie and his dad spent a few hours working together, building something. Not the least of which was their father/son relationship.

Can't you just see the pride and joy in Charlie's face?

Can't you hear the pride and joy I have in my spouse?

And just to add to his awesomeness-the other night Kate came into our room and asked, "Do either of you know how to do blah blah blah blah-math?"

I didn't even understand what she said, but Jeff says, "Sure." He hops out of bed and helps Kate with a hard math concept, for an hour.

All I can say is, you'd better live forever mister. Cuz my skills DO NOT extend to making Beyblade launchers or doing advanced math.

Now, if homemade treats and decorating skills and squishy comforting hugs are required, I'm your girl.

And I am your girl, Jeff Allen, forever.


  1. You sure know how to get me crying at work... I love you!

  2. So sweet..and that picture of Charlie looks so much like you!

  3. Yep, he is a pretty awesome big brother too.

  4. Ugh! That comment is from Denise. Not Jim.

  5. "Here's what I heard: blah blah blah science science science - bigger". He is pretty great.

  6. malcolm DIGS these. can he bring his battle arena over to play?

  7. Jeff is awesome......But look how great you compliment each other. Between the two of you, your family is Covered

  8. Jeff is amazing! What an awesome gadget!! I am also not a whiz at advanced math...I've forgotten it all! I'm amazed he can still remember it! You guys are BOTH awesome, btw. ;-)

  9. I love him too!!!!!

    My man is made of similar material:)

    When my mom met Chris "officially" she showed him a part and the place she wanted this part to go and asked if he could put it together..
    He looks at both, and says sure, don't see why not, about 10min later she had a working grill again.
    I think it was love at first fix for her :)
    I love that about him, never afraid to give it a try and just about every time success!!!
    It would also seem Amy that you and I have talents in the same area's, thank the lord for our husbands :)


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