Friday, September 4, 2009

I won, I won

Remember this post? Well, that same day I won something from The Meanest Mom. I won a $50 gift card to It took me until last week to finally decide what I wanted. Why did it take me from April until now? Because they have a lot of neat stuff and I just wanted to make my 50 clams go a long way. Well, I ordered, it came, and I'm enamored with this little company. From bible stories, to preschool learning, to fairy tales, this sweet little website has lovely, happy stuff.

This is what I got. The preschool pals complete set.

Abc Train
Sunshine Search
Rhyme Time
Little League Lineup
Snowmen stackup

Plus a soft, fuzzy green felt board to go with the set.

You should go check it out here.

I get nothing for promoting this other than the satisfaction of letting you know of a company that seems to really want to make quality educational products that are great for your family.

Thanks again to Heather from FeltBoardStories!

Have a great labor day weekend. See you Tuesday!

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