Monday, September 14, 2009

Slobber and other stuff

I love and adore Nora. So much.

But the child drools, dribbles, slobbers it up so much that she was getting frequent wardrobe changes throughout the day.

So much so that she developed an unsightly rash under her chin and a matching rash on her chest from the constant moisture against her delicate skin.

I'll spare you the pictures.

Upon taking her to our much loved Pediatrician, I was informed that it is quite normal for children to drool up to the age of four and to just try and keep vaseline on it as a barrier and to keep her skin dry.

Yikes. Vaseline? That might work and all if that wasn't as bad and icky sticky gooey as the drool. So I came up with my own solution.

Bibs. And not just any bibs.

Most of the bibs I own are those velcro closure type used for meal time. Well, she was not having any of that, she would rip those suckers off in a heartbeat.

I had one with snaps, but just one. And those babies are a good 6 bucks each. Not happening my friends, not happening!

So I thought, I will just make my own, dad gum it!

So I began my search of the house for materials. I found a blanket that Nora used, that has been folded up neatly, unused for the past 6 months.

I bought a box of snaps at Walmart for 2. 37 cents.
And embarked on my first adventure in repurposing with fabric.

I will give you a very poorly written step by step, followed by very poorly done photos.

Not really, but now you won't be disappointed.

Step one: Find A blanket with lovely finished edges like this one from Walmart and a bib who size you like.

Step 2: Use the bib as a template and cut around it. (no patterns or perfection here my friends)
Make sure to keep the lovely edge of the blanket as the bottom portion of your soon to be bib. Less sewing for you, and it's pretty.

Step 3: Sew the sides up. No pins, no turning the edges in. This is supposed to be easy! I just used a wider stitch and got as close to the edge as I could.

Step 4:Pound together the snaps according to the directions on the package. I just used my big ol' hammer from the garage. If you have one of those nifty little ones used specifically for jobs like this, well, good for you!

Step 5: The finished product. Note that I already washed this one as well and there is no fraying or coming apart at the sides even though I left the edges raw. Also, the blanket made 8 of these bad boys. Which means I can switch them out several times a day as Nora drool-soaks them.

Also, I have informed the family that these are for drool only!! We have other bibs that can get stained with spaghetti and chocolate milk and strawberry juice. These are only for drool!!!

Step 6: Place on your beloved and adored baby and watch the rash magically disappear!

And that's all. It's not perfect, and that's ok. It's also a conversation piece since these are a little quirky/too-fancy-for-every-day-wear/obviously homemade. And that's ok too!


  1. That is adorable. I would continue to let my kid slobber all over their clothes before I ever came up with that. Brilliant!

  2. SO cute! If you were to ever have another -- a cute baby boy, for instance -- I know someone who used cute bandanas! :)

  3. Totally adorable!! It is a bib and lovie combo! What a great deal!!

  4. You are a genuius! You should sell them I bet people would buy them.

  5. Great idea, Amy!! Wish I could use a sewing machine... Also, FYI - regarding the vaseline... all you need is the thinnest, slightest layer of it on her skin to protect goo needed. It works like a charm! (as I'm sure the bibs will, as well!) Enjoy your day.

  6. You are amazing and Nora is adorable! (The bibs are too!)

  7. SAw your post on cJane. Knew it was yours the minute I saw 'Anne Shirley'. Love you!

  8. Great idea! I had a baby who drooled that much and had the same rash that really never went away until he grew out of his drooling and spitting up. Good luck with your baby.


    PS she's adorable!


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