Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I really hope they don't hate it

When my great-grandmother passed away, I inherited several things that had been hers. An old rocking chair whose upholstery had seen it's day, that my loving mother had reupholstered for me, and a dresser.

Both things have followed me from house to house and across the country. The rocking chair resides in my bedroom so that it is safe from damage and snot and peanut butter being wiped on it.

The dress has been well used. It has held my clothes, odds and ends, toys, dvd's you name it, it has been well loved and put to good use.

But as time has gone on, I have desired very strongly to paint it. Someone lovingly stained it a nice dark walnut color, and I have lived with that for 10 years. But I am not really a brown person (whatever that means) and the need to revamp it finally won out.

Here it is in it's well loved, brown state. (I have yet to master the art of "before" pictures)

After priming, painting two coats and then distressing it, I am officially in love with my "new", old dresser.

I had an assortment of 6 nobs and drawer pulls from back when I was contemplating hardward for the kitchen cabinets. I figured I could use what I have. So I gave them all a light dusting of silver spray paint so that they would look similar enough, and called it good. I like the effect.

So now the real question is, will my Mom and Aunt Cathy, both whom I adore, be ok with this? I know this was given to me, but it was their grandma's. Have I destroyed the memories associated with the old brown dresser? Or will they agree with me that Grandma Mohar would just be happy to know I'm using it?

Hopefully I'll still be invited to family funtions after this. :)


  1. Your great-grandma would think you have truly improved the dresser and the rocking chair. You have a great talent and eye for decorating so you have my blessings.

  2. I think the dresser looks great!!!and I like the new handles. I have to be honest and tell you that I don't even remember the dresser..ask your Mom where it was in Gramma's house! So... you have my approval...You go girl!!

  3. it's beautiful, amy! you have superb taste.

  4. I have a lot of respect for people who know how to do things like this. I probably throw out to much rather then brave making it look nice. Good work!

  5. Oh I think they would just be thrilled that you are enjoying it!

    It's super whimsical and looks like it's the signature piece in your home. I bet all of your other stuff is jealous of it!


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